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Bowspring Classes with Linda Oelschlaeger

Put the curves back! Linda's Bowspring classes strengthen the muscles in the back side of the body to return the natural curves to the spine. Putting the spinal curves back allows dynamic freedom of movement and helps prevent pain that comes from losing these curves through daily life and aging. Tone your glutes and walk with more bounce in your step! 


Linda Oelschlaeger, E-RYT 500, has been teaching yoga 16 years. She is certified both in Kripalu yoga and Anusara yoga. Linda has continued to study with Desi Springer and John Friend and teaches the Bowspring postural alignment system ( Linda holds an M.S. degree in Family & Child Development. 

Classes, Hiking, and Events

Bowspring Classes at Matthews Community Center: 

Tuesday:  9:30-11am 

Wednesday:  6-7:30pm 

Thursday:  9:30-11am 


Bowspring Class in Weddington:

Wednesday: 9:30-11am


Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket to class.


Join us for a hike after class!


Hike nearby trails (Four-Mile Creek Greenway and Col. Francis Beatty Park) after class: 

Tuesday: 11:30am

Thursday: 11:30am


Tuesday, September 13:

9:30-11am Class on Stumptown Park Stage, 120 S. Trade St., Matthews, NC 28105

11:15am Fall Zero-Waste Picnic in Stumptown Park



Matthews Community Center: 100 McDowell St. E., Matthews, NC 28105


Weddington Class: Weddington, NC 28173





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Class Sessions

Eight- to nine-week sessions are held ongoing throughout the year. The current 9-week session runs July 19-September 15. The following 8-week session will be September 20-November 10.

Cost and Registration

Cost of Matthews Community Center classes for the current 9-week session is $90 for Matthews residents and $95 for non-residents. Cost for the next 8-week session will be $80 for Matthews residents and $85 for non-residents. Register for Matthews Community Center classes at Matthews Community Center, phone 704-321-7275, or register online at

For information about the class in Weddington e-mail Linda Oelschlaeger at